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    The gods and goddesses were just a rationalization. The Greeks needed a way to explain things they couldn’t understand. So, to explain lightning and the sun rising and setting, the Greeks created various gods and goddesses. There is a god or goddess for anything you can think of.Also make sure prior to departure that you determine whether you need to apply for visas in any of the countries you are visiting. The visa applications will take time and money so be ready. You’ll also want to look for a guidebook for the regions you will be visiting. There are some guidebooks geared towards Europe as a whole. A good guidebook will cost less than $30 and it will help you plan how much your backpacking europe trip will cost.A reverse retirement is nothing more than a loan against your home’s equity, but is not an home equity loan or HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit). This may go without saying, but you have to have equity in your home. It is a loan which you do not need to pay back – in your lifetime. Nonetheless, the lender does have a lien on your home, upon which they will collect, should you sell your home or when you die.London’s Greenwich Park is a good pick if you want to rest a bit after a busy day of travel. The park’s rose garden, and deer park, among other features, aims to bring you closer to nature and relax your mind.The hike I am most anxious for is the climb to climbing mount olympus. From the people I have talked to, the common answer when asked when the best time to hike it, is in Spring or early Fall. The trail is very steep and has little shade and should best be done in cool weather. The first week of good warm weather where the 9026ft peak is clear, I plan on climbing it.Hercules was the child of Zeus and the mortal woman, Alcmene. Hera placed two serpents in the baby’s cradle, but he quickly seized them and strangled them. When Hercules grew to be a man, the goddess caused him to become briefly mad. During this time, he killed his own wife and children.