Meet The Leading Ladies


Meet Dasia

Dasia is book smart and street smart growing up in the hood has prepared her well to pursue her goal of becoming an FBI agent


Meet Macie

The beautiful southern belle whose life mission is to save the planet


Meet Terrie

Terrie comes from money and her goal is to be a fashion mogul.


The Idea For Campus Crimes

Hello.  My name is Audrey and almost 18 years ago God gave me the idea for this beautiful doll.  Her name is Dasia.  She is the first plus-size fashion doll along with her friends Dena and Dawn.  They couldn't make it to the celebration this time.  It's been a long time since she has been for sale.  I wanted to celebrate her 18th birthday, because this is a big milestone.  The dress she is wearing in the picture to the left is the same dress my daughter wore when she was 18 to her high school prom. You can see her below.  My daughter  Dominique and I designed the dress together and I thought it was just beautiful.  So how cool is it to have my other daughter Dasia wear the same dress when she turns 18.

Since I created Dasia in 1999 I've been really busy with my other businesses.  I've written 4 books and now I own an Internet TV Network.  I'm really excited about Dasia's 18th birthday, because we are bringing her to life.  Yes that's right she is going to hit the big screens, well the small screens.  We we've cast the beautiful young lady above ''to play Dasia who is a college student in our upcoming TV series Campus Crimes. This time I plan to keep Dasia active living life on campus and I want you to be a part of her life.  So we got our work cut out for us and we hope that you will go on this journey with us.  Campus Crimes will be aired on HerTube TV Network which is our Internet TV network that can be seen online, on your smart phone, tablets, Roku & Apple Airplay and soon Amazon Fire TV & Amazon Prime.

Dasia is going to be a Limited Edition of 3,750. We are taking pre-orders for her now.   I'm sure she will go fast since it's been 11 years since anyone has been able to get her, that's why I am encouraging you to make sure you get yours today. Also can you do us a favor and share her with your friends and families.  The pre-sale orders will allow us to get you your doll by her birthday and also to produce the TV series Campus Crimes.

Thank you for your support!

What You Get When You Order:

  • 12 in Dasia Doll With Stand Signed By Me
  • Numbered Certificate Of Authenticity
  • A Signed Copy Of My New Book (Dasia: The Story Of A Big Beautiful Doll)
  • Your Name In The Credits Of The Campus Crimes TV Series
  • 3 Months Free Subscription To HerTube TV So You Can Watch The Show And See What The Real Dasia Is Up To.

The Pre-Order Cost For Dasia is $179.00 + $15.95 s/h.  She will be a limited edition of only 3,750.  Once we sell out of this edition you will have to wait and see what our next Dasia will be.  So go ahead and pre-order you Dasia Today.  She will begin shipping June 2017 or sooner.  To Pre-order go to



The Students Are Doing More Than Studying

Dasia and her friends will work hard in between classes to solve the mysteries at WGU